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2012-03-27 (火) | 編集 |
I'm thinking what to write about right now.



So my grandparents came over last week and so my cousins slept over. Gadiel, who's 4 years younger than me, came over and DAAAAAMMNNN! He grew! He's taller than me now! Well, that's not shocking since I'm only 5'2.. But still!

The last time I saw him was like a few months ago and he was still shorter than me. Time does fly.



Meanwhile, in my room.. /shot
I'll post proper pictures eventually.

I was also reconsidering what my friends told me.
Something about uploading my singing to Youtube.
It sounds like fun! But.. I'm also kinda scared... and shy.

I'm an alto. So my voice range isn't that wide.. Unlike a soprano.

On the bright side!
After searching for 4 days, I finally found a working torrent for Persona 3 Portable!
Come to me, my lovely〜 /shot

Oh! Oh! Also!

Hatake Kakashi is MY husband.


☆Feeling: Mixed emotions. FCKING PMS!
☆Listening to: ナチュラルに恋して/Natural ni Koishite - Perfume
☆What I'm doing: Remembering embarrassing shizz.

☆ Once again, a new beginning. ☆
2012-03-27 (火) | 編集 |
Okay. Maybe my title was a little bit dramatic. But it is quite true. This is like my 3rd 4th blog.
1st was Ameba. (I forgot the password.)
2nd Tumblr. (Got boring.)
3rd Blogger. (Neglected.)

and now, this one. (Hopefully this wont be neglected.)

I actually made this because my friend Thana told me to.
(You reading this, Thana? ・ω・ )

So yeah~ Anyway! Till I write again!